Arnold Ludvig is the composer for his new Reykjavík based jazz quintet, a high-octane quintet comprised of great musicians, composers, and award winners.


The repertoire consists of new music, which Arnold is currently composing for the quintet’s upcoming album and music from his Copenhagen based sextet’s two critically acclaimed albums, “Voyages” and “Iceland”.


The music is Nordic jazz with a wide variety of stylistic tendencies, such as funk, blues, latin jazz, folk, ethnic, and world music. The approach is high-level interplay and lots of room for improvisation.




Arnold Ludvig: won the 2005 Atlantic Music Event Award for Best Bassist. He was nominated for Soloist of the Year and Arnold Ludvig Sextet, Band of the Year for the album, Iceland.


Kjartan Valdemarsson: won the 2001 Icelandic Music Award for best composition in the Jazz category. Kjartan was nominated for the Nordic Council Music prize in 2016.


Jóel Pálsson: has been awarded 6 times at the Icelandic Music Awards for his albums, thereof 5 awards for Jazz Album of the Year. Jóel was nominated for the Nordic Council Music prize in 2011 and 2016.


Sigurdur Flosason: was nominated for the Nordic Council’s music prize in 2000 and 2003 and is a 5 time winner of the Icelandic Music Awards. He was also nominated for the Danish Music Awards in 2011 for a recording with Danish singer, Cathrine Legardh.


Einar Scheving: won the Icelandic Music Awards 2 years in a row, in 2006 for Best Jazz Composition and in 2007 for Jazz Album of the Year, Cycles.